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Full Name Celene Aubry
Organizations moongirl productions
Printmaking Practiced




Bio After studying physics and architecture as an undergrad, the next logical progression for Celene Aubry was to dive into letterpress printing. With an intent focus on wood type, ornament and linoleum and wood cuts, she can pursue, to her heart's content, the agony and ecstasy of mixing the never-ending program of learning an outmoded technology and devising printwork that works within the constraints of that technology, with an ongoing exploration of what will print well and how to do it, which may employ non-traditional methods or processes. She hasn't gotten bored yet, and sees no end in sight to the serious fun this all is. Celene is currently teaching letterpress printing at Lillstreet Art Center, in Chicago, IL, and in addition to being a member of the Chicago Printers Guild and the Amalgamated Printers Association, she's taught workshops at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, IL.
Services Offered

Letterpress printing instruction.
Open to commission work and letterpress print projects.
Works on paper