Call for Papers for the American Printing History Association 2012 Annual Conference

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Call for Papers for the American Printing History Association 2012 Annual Conference
At the Crossroads: Living Letterform Traditions
Columbia College Chicago, Center for Book and Paper Arts
October 12–13, 2012

The American Printing History Association welcomes proposals for its 2012 annual conference. The main proceedings will take place Saturday, October 13. Full details will be available at the website of the American Printing History Association,

Proposals are due by March 15, 2012

Letterforms are at the heart of printing history, and they are much on the minds of today’s digital literati– artists, printers, collectors and scholars. This conference will examine letterform traditions as represented in print and writing, particularly in letter design, manufacture, use and education. The program will explore the making and use of letterforms in handwritten, calligraphic, typeset or digital form.

We encourage proposals for talks or panels about: letterforms (including non-European), writing and type, type design and manufacture, tools for making letters such pen and graver, and equipment such as printing presses. The organizers welcome talks about people working in these different fields such as type designers and typographers, calligraphers, type founders, and printers known for their typography. We also invite talks on education and training, including formal programs of study and influential teachers.
Our theme is both historical and contemporary. Although all periods and regions of letterform use are included, the conference especially welcomes proposals on American, particularly Midwestern, approaches to working with letterforms, whether design, manufacture, education or use. The American Printing History Association promotes the study of history, with an awareness of current work in the book arts.

When Carl Sandburg described Chicago as the “City of the Big Shoulders,” he was probably not referring to foundry type, but to the work ethic and industry, which made this city a center of commerce and printing. The conference will be held at Columbia College Chicago, located a mile from Lake Michigan, near the city’s original Printer’s Row. The area, active since the 1880s in design and printing, was home to the Inland Printer magazine, the Union Type Foundry, binderies, engravers and huge printing plants built by R.R. Donnelly and Rand McNally among others. The Chicago region was also home to the Ludlow and Vandercook Companies and designers such as Oswald Cooper, Will Bradley, Frederic W. Goudy, and R. Hunter Middleton. Although the printing industry is smaller, Chicago remains part of a continuing, vibrant book arts scene.

Attendees will have the opportunity to sample some of Chicago’s cultural riches through special members-only tours and visits, such as the Newberry Library, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, the University of Chicago, the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Center for Book and Paper Arts itself.

Submission Guidelines:
Proposals are due by March 15, 2012
All proposals must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word attachment (.doc or .docx format) or pdf file to Proposals should be single-spaced with one-inch margins in 12-pt. Times New Roman.

Proposal guidelines:
We solicit proposals for 20-minute presentations or 50-min panels (maximum 400 words).
Please include the following information, all centered on the page:
Line 1: Three to four keywords to aid presentation scheduling
Line 2: Author
Line 3: Presentation title
Line 4: Blank
Line 5: All contact info: mailing address, phone number, email
Line 6 to end: Text of proposal
End: Short biography (maximum 100 words)

APHA membership must be current at the time of registration for all presenters.

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