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The Chicago Printers Guild is a nonprofit trade organization of Chicago-area printmakers interested in the promotion of print culture through open sharing. We hold casual meetings at hosting members' shops and studios once per month. Keep your print on!


The Chicago Printers Guild bridges the gap between commercial printing and fine art print making. CPG strives to bring awareness of print culture to the Chicago area through activity such as lectures, workshops, field trips, and art exhibits. It serves to build a supportive network for printers, graphic designers, and print interest-minded people to keep print culture alive and visible. The central aim of CPG is to explore aspects of print culture through the monthly meetings of its members.”

Chicago Printers Guild Photo
CPG meeting at FugScreens Studios. Photo by Daniel Mellis.

The Chicago Printers Guild supports and fosters the work of printers of all backgrounds with opportunities to share knowledge, information and ideas among printers and the printing community; strives to bring awareness of printmaking taking place in Chicago and beyond to the community at large.

Guild Members network and pick-up tips of the trade from fellow printers at the casual monthly meetings. There they can get a heads up on upcoming shows, contests and other opportunities to promote their work. The meetings are usually held in a Guild Member’s studio or shop, with a tour and the presentation of work included as part of the meeting.


We happily welcome printers of all backgrounds and specialties into our organization. If you’d like to join the Guild, attend a meeting and introduce yourself. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. To find out where our next meeting is check the calendar below. After checking out a meeting, if you think the Guild is for you there is an annual fee of $25 you can pay here.

If you have any additional questions about joining, please contact

Chicago Printers Guild Photo
Erin Paige Armstrong screenprinting at Screwball Press in Chicago.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

*Chicago Printers Guild is an inclusive organization. Unfortunately, the location of this event does not offer wheelchair access. If you are interested in attending this event and in need of such accommodations, please email us at to discuss possible alternatives. We are a friendly group of printmakers. We like to carpool. If you would like to share a ride, simply send out a request on the Guild's Google Group once you become a member. Membership has its privileges!


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Chicago Printers Guild Photo
CPG meeting at The Bird Machine, June 2013. Photo by Daniel Mellis.

We encourage you to check out the CPG's digital archive. This collection is comprised of work donated each year by our members.

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Pay Dues

Thank you for being a member the Chicago Printers Guild. We collect an annual fee of $25 to fund Guild events aimed towards building the Chicago printers community, bolstering your printmaking skills, and supplementing monthly CPG meetings. Our hosts are generous with their time and attention, so the Guild covers the cost of food and beverage.

Board Members

Publishers Fair

Chicago Printers Guild Photo
CPG Publishers Fair at Elastic Arts, November 2016.

The Publishers Fair is a CPG hosted event that creates a platform of exchange for the public to intersect with artists who "make things print". We are currently working on this year's Publishers Fair. We will periodically send updates via our newsletter, you can sign-up here.

View past years programming below.